Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wing Snob

At the suggestion of my mother, I am going to put my snobbish Hot Wing opinions in a Blog to keep everyone informed about the good, bad and horrible Hot Wings available around the N.W. Because my opinion is the only one that matters.

#1 The Lower Tavern - Orcas Island, Washington
Order of 6 or 12. $6.99-$12.99
*Original Frank Sauce, *Extra Hot Frank Sauce, *Thai Chili, BBQ
Comes with cucumber, carrot, celery & ranch or blue cheese
-Saucy, spicy, tender. My favorite to date! EXCELLENT! 5 stars

#2 Beachcombers Tavern - Florence, Oregon
Order of 6 or 12.
*Original Buffalo, Teriyaki, Honey Citrus Pepper, Smokey BBQ
Comes with celery & blue cheese
-A little dry, great taste, VERY GOOD! 4 stars

#3 Bigfoot Food & Spirits - Seatac Airport, Seattle, Washington
Order of 13. $9.29
*Buffalo style wings
Comes with celery, blue cheese or ranch
-Super spicy! Lots of sauce. EXCELLENT! 5 stars

#4 Oasis Grill & Sky Lounge - John Wayne airport, Santa Ana, California
Order of 13.
Can't remember much about the menu details, but they were REAL GOOD! 4 stars.

#5 Hooters - Tacoma, Washington
Order of 10, 20 or 50. $6.99 - $28.99
6 different sauces, I had *Medium
Comes with blue cheese or ranch, celery or carrots
-Dry, small, medium wasn't spicy at all, not enough sauce. BAD! 1 star

#6 3 Finger Jacks Saloon - Winthrop, Washington
Order of 6. $10.95
*Hot whiskied or non-spicy BBQ
No sides
-Over cooked, dry, over priced. HORRIBLE! 1/2 star
I normally wouldn't give an establishment a second chance on horrible wings - but 3 years later I braved the wings at 3 Fingered Jacks and am happy to say they got their shit together and made some awesome wings! 8 wings for $10.99, came with celery, blue cheese and ranch! AWESOME! 4 stars

#7 Paradise Lanes bowling alley - Friday Harbor, Washington
Order of 6 or 12. $5.95 - $8.95
*Franks sauce or Asian style.
-Pretty spicy, side of celery. NOT BAD. 3 stars

#8 Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Winthrop, Washington
Order of 10 wings. $13.00
*Spicy Detention sauce or Chipotle Honey BBQ
Comes with celery & blue cheese
-Not too spicy, saucy. GOOD! 3.5 stars

#9 Fox Sports Bar - Seattle, Washington
Order by the pound. $9.95/$17.95/$24.95
*BBQ, *Chipotle BBQ, *Buffalo Style
Pick any flavor for each pound! Comes with celery & blue cheese
-Large drummette style wings, lots of sauce. VERY GOOD! 4.5 stars

#10 Bob's Burgers & Brew - Burlington, Washington
Order of 7 large wings. $8.99
Regular or *Spicy
Comes with Celery and blue cheese dressing
-Big wings, lots of meat. A good spicy! EXCELLENT! 4 stars out of 5 because of the price vs # of wings.

#11 Haley's Bait Shop & Grill - Friday Harbor, Washington
Order of wings (undetermined amount, 2 of mine looked like nuggets..?) $8.95
*Franks hot sauce
Comes with Blue Cheese, celery and carrots. 
-Crispy breading. Sauce on the side makes for uneven coating/taste and there wasn't enough for every bite. NOT EXTRAORDINARY, but I would order them again. 3 stars

#12 Billy McHale's - Bellingham, Washington
1 pound of Billy Wings. $7.95
*Hot sauce, mild sauce or Robo's Garlic BBQ sauce
Comes with potato chips, blue cheese and BBQ sauce.
-Quite spicy, very greasy, strange grainy texture to the breading. NOT VERY GOOD. 1.5 stars
#13 New York Pizza & Bar - Bellingham, Washington
9 smallish boneless or bone in wings $8.99
Honey mustard, BBQ, *Buffalo, Teriyaki or Inferno
Comes with blue cheese and celery.
Good flavor, plenty of sauce, wings are on the small side. Had them for lunch on a Wednesday and the service was VERY slow. PRETTY GOOD. 3.5 stars
#14 Cafe Bellagio, Bellagio - Las Vegas, Nevada
10 Buffalo Wings $11.00
Comes with celery, carrots and blue cheese.
Ok flavor, pretty dry, greasy. NOT VERY GOOD. 2 stars
#15 Todd English P.U.B. Crystals- Las Vegas, Nevada
10 wings with TE hot sauce $12.00 or $1 apiece at happy hour. 
Comes with carrots, celery and blue cheese.
Different, saucy and delicious! VERY GOOD! 4 stars
#16 PBR Rockbar & Grill. Miracle Mile - Las Vegas, Nevada
*Hot, *mild or house BBQ. 6 pc $7.95, 9 pc $10.95, 12 pc $12.95
Bucket of 24 wings (mix and match sauce) $20.00
Comes with celery and blue cheese.
The hot were pretty spicy! Mild also had great flavor. Plenty of sauce, decent sized wings.
AWESOME! 4 stars
#17 Planet Dailies. Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, Nevada
10 wings in Buffalo sauce. Around $12
Comes with celery and blue cheese.
Unoriginal but good flavor. Fast service. GOOD. 3.5 stars

#18 The Fire - Orcas Island, Washington
8 varied sized, unbreaded wings $10.00
You choose from house BBQ sauces:
Texas, Pineapple Habanero, Chipotle, XXX, *Honey Bourbon.
I suppose it's all personal preference of BBQ sauces - I didn't like any of them but chose the Bourbon. Some of the wings were big, some small, some overcooked and crusty. NOT VERY GOOD. 1.5 stars
#19 Antlers - Twisp, Washington
6 wings $8.99
*Hot and Spicy or regular
Comes with nothing, but you can request ranch or blue cheese.
If I wanted fried chicken I would have ordered fried chicken - not hot wings. Overly crispy outside - no sauce. No wing/buffalo sauce available. Disappointing. 1 Star
#20 The Outback Steak House - Burlington, Washington
Small order $6.99, Regular order $9.99
Mild, Medium or *Hot
Comes with blue cheese and celery.
Interesting dry rub flavor (house seasonings). I ordered the hot - they weren't in the least bit spicy but VERY delicious! With and without BBQ sauce. Wish I had ordered more! SUPER YUMMY! 3 Stars because of price vs quantity. 
#21 Iguana Joes - Aruba
Order of 8 wings $8.95
Original Mild BBQ sauce or *Buffalo Wing Sauce
No sides.
A little watery, not horrible but not exciting either. SO SO. 2 Stars
#22 The Pelican Pier - Aruba
Order of 5 wings $9.91
*Thai chile glazed with sesame-ginger sauce or Buffalo style with blue cheese
Comes on a bed of shredded veggies.
Super crispy, unusual and delicious coconut breading! Amazing sauce. A small order however for the price. Not my usual spicy favorite but FANTASTIC! 3.5 Stars

#23 The Terrace, Westin Resort - Aruba
Order of 7 wings $13.00
Comes with fries and blue cheese dressing.
A bit dry, no sauce. Had a little spice but unsatisfying altogether. MEH. 1.5 Stars
#24 In room dining, New York New York Hotel - Las Vegas
Order of 9 wings $13.00
Comes with celery, carrots and ranch dressing.
So I don't know if it was due to the excessive consumption of alcohol and the fact that it was 1:30 in the morning, but these wings were friggin' AWESOME! Juicy, spicy and just plain scrumptious!! I devoured them! AWESOME!! 4.5 Stars
#25 Gonzalez Y Gonzalez, New York New York Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada
Order of 7 wings $9.95
Served with jicama, cucumber and pasilla ranch dressing.
Just the right amount of bite! Sticky, sweet, salty and spicy! Unlike any wings I've ever had. FANTASTIC! 5 stars
#26 America Restaurant, New York New York Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada
Order of 8 wings $8.95
*Buffalo style.
Comes with celery and blue cheese.
Greasy (in a good way), smothered in a red pepper flake buffalo type sauce. Meaty, tender and exactly hit the spot for a wing craving. DELICIOUS! 4 Stars

#27 Island Cafe, Anacortes - Washington
Order of 9 wings $8.69
Comes with celery and Franks Sauce on the side.
Although the wings came dry with the sauce on the side (which usually irritates the heck out of me), these were pretty excellent - and they provided plenty of sauce in a dipping friendly bowl. SCRUMPTIOUS! 3 Stars.

#28 Blue Water Bar & Grill, Friday Harbor - Washington
Order of 8 wings $9.95
Plain, BBQ or *Spicy.
Comes with celery and blue cheese.
A good heat, super tender and not in the least bit dry! Smothered in sauce and tastiness! REAL GOOD!! 3.5 Stars.

#29 Twisp River Pub, Twisp - Washington
Taster (3) $4.50, Small order (6) $7.95, Large order (11) $10.95
Mild, Medium, *Hot or Wings of Fire! (made with Haberneros)
Comes with celery and blue cheese.
A grilled style wing. Just a tiny bit dry - no sauce, more of a rub- but a great flavor. The hot actually had some heat! I'd order them again (along with any dish there! All the food was AMAZING!) 3 Stars.
#30 Quil Ceda Creek Cansino Buffett, Tulalip - Washington
$16.95 for an AWESOME buffet! Fruits, salad, Mongolian, Chinese, prime rib, pork, fish, countless desserts and extensive ice cream selection, onion rings, potatoes, chicken cooked every way and HOT WINGS! I have been to many disappointing, gross and boring buffets but this time I was pleasantly surprised. Even for someone with food allergies, there is plenty to eat! The wings were amazing, not uncommon or original but DELICIOUS! 3.5 Stars.
#31 B.C. McDonalds, Chelan - Washington
Order of 8 wings $9.95
Comes with blue cheese.
They are called "hot wings" on the menu, but they are basically just fried chicken wings. No sauce, just BBQ to dip in. Seasoned well and not dry in the least. However, they do not fall into the "hot wing" category at all. GOOD, but not hot wings. 2.5 Stars.
#32 Antonio's Cucina Italiana, Alturas - California 
Order of 8 wings $5. 29
BBQ or *Red Hot.
Comes with Ranch dressing.
Very unusual - suspicious there was some sort of cheese (perhaps Velveta) in the sauce. Super saucy, a good (but mellow) heat and awesomely priced!! I almost got a second order! VERY GOOD! 4 Stars.
#33 Ram Restaurant & Brewery, Lacey - Washington
Personal order (at least 5) $6.99 or Shareable order (at least 10) $10.99
*Sweet Chili Garlic, Cider BBQ, Kalbi Savory Rub, 5 Spice Rub
Comes with blue cheese and celery.
Not too dry, the Sweet Chili Garlic wasn't too sweet. I was a little sad they didn't have a "hot" option however. UNIQUE! 3 Stars.
#34 San Juan Lanes, Anacortes - Washington
Order of 7 wings $8.00
BBQ, *Hot Buffalo or Sweet Chili Sauce (for an extra 50 cents)
Tossed in sauce and comes with an extra side of sauce for dipping.
Not dry in the least, a little better than typical buffalo sauce. PRETTY GOOD! 3 Stars.
#35 BJ's, Tacoma - Washington
Order of 9 traditional or boneless wings $9.50
Traditional only comes in Spicy Buffalo. Boneless wings choice of Hot & Spicy Buffalo, Brewhouse BBQ, Maui Sweet Teriyaki Glaze, Garlic Parmesan, Exxxxxtra hot 5 pepper Buffalo
Comes with ranch and celery sticks.
I got the traditional wings because I like eating off the bone. I was a little disappointed that there was only Buffalo to choose from - which ended up being a side bowl of straight Frank's Hot Sauce. No breading and not even tossed in sauce first. We know how much I hate to have to dip my wings to get the flavor. OK. 2.5 Stars.
#36 Johnny Carino's, Burlington - Washington
Order of 7-8 wings $9.95
Thai, Balsamico, Teriyaki or *Cajun Hot
Cajun Hot came with blue cheese dressing, scallions and blue cheese crumbles. 
Smothered in sauce and actually had quite a kick! Very spicy, very Cajun, very AWESOME! 4.75 Stars. 

#37 Duck Brand Hotel & Cantina, Winthrop - Washington
Order of 6 wings $7.00
Comes with fries, carrot sticks and blue cheese or ranch dressing.
I'm pretty sure the sauce was just Frank's Original Hot Sauce, but they were still pretty darn good and a very reasonable price considering they came with fries. PRETTY GOOD. 3 stars.
#38 Ginger Palace - Ramada Hotel, Seattle - Washington
Order of 5 wings $5.95
Hawaii style garlic wings. Sweet and mildly spicy.
A little dry - the sauce was darn good and original. DIFFERENT 2.5 stars.
#39 Pub & Grub, Old town Temecula - California
Order of 6 $6.95, order of 12 $11.95
BBQ, Tangy gold BBQ, Mild, Hot, Sriracha or *Sweet Thai Chili. Comes with carrot, celery sticks and your choice of dressing. 
The Sweet Thai Chili sauce was amazing but most of it was on the plate :(  VERY GOOD. 3.5 stars. 
#40 Wingers Roadhouse Grill, Klamath - Oregon
Order of 5 $7.99 up to order of 16 $19.99
Original Amazing, Sweet Red Chili Pepper, Bootleg BBQ, Classic Buffalo, Island Teriyaki, *Rebel, Atomic Buffalo. Comes with celery and blue cheese.
I had the Rebel sauce, good heat, a fair amount of sauce, not too dry - would definitely try the other flavors. There was a huge size variance and I actually sent my entree back because it was so horrible. GOOD wings/BAD food. 3 stars.
#41 Dave's Diner & Brew, SeaTac - Washington
Snack size (at least 5) $4.99, Enough for 2 (at least 10) $9.99.
Homemade wing sauce. Said it comes with celery, carrot sticks and dip. 
Mine did not come with carrot but I got a choice of ranch or blue cheese. They were really over cooked and the sauce was kind of burnt tasting, more BBQ than buffalo/spicy and too vinegary-i only ate 2. NOT GOOD. 1 star.
#42 Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse, Federal Way - Washington
Order of 7 $10.50
Traditional or Spicy Ginger Sauce. Comes with fries and ranch dressing.
I got the traditional. Very greasy/oily, not very much sauce, good spiciness. Not very meaty wings. MEH-especially for the price. 2 stars.
#43 The Hanger Inn Restaurant, Puyallup - Washington
Order of 8 $7.99
Traditional buffalo. Comes with celery and ranch dressing. 
Surprisingly good considering the horrible service and really rundown appearance of the whole restaurant. Good amount of sauce, a nice crispy breading. GOOD! 3.5 stars. The restaurant looks over an airport so I recommend going in the summer so you can sit outside on the deck. 

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  1. Sally is truely a wing snob. I have witnessed the "this sucks-I'm not finishing this..." event in more than 1 establishment. Embarrassing but when you are paying for food, its nice to get the good stuff. Especially if you have traveled there just to eat (wings).