Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Allergy free Spinach & Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes


4 medium russet potatoes - washed
2-3 cups fresh spinach - chopped
7 oz artichoke hearts (1/2 of a can)
1/2 a medium onion - diced
2 garlic cloves - minced
1 small can coconut cream (5.3 oz)
1.5 TBSP fresh lemon juice
2 TBSP nutritional yeast
3 TBSP ghee, butter or coconut oil
sea salt to taste

Rub the potatoes with oil and salt - bake at 400 for about 1 hour or until soft inside.

When cooled enough to handle, cut the top off each potato lengthwise and scoop out the inside, leaving a thin outside layer. You will use the insides of 3 of the potatoes.

Heat a medium pan over medium heat and add 1 TBSP ghee/butter/oil. Add onions and cook until soft. Add garlic and cook just until soft.

Add the chopped spinach and artichoke hearts and cook until spinach is wilted. Add a sprinkle of salt and remove from heat.

Mash the insides of the potatoes with the coconut cream, lemon juice, yeast, 2 TBSP ghee/butter/oil and another sprinkle of salt.

Combine potato mixture with spinach mixture, then scoop into hollowed potatoes.

Bake at 400 for about 15-20 minutes or until they begin to lightly brown. Serve hot!

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