Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I'm blogging

Some people have suggested that I start a blog about the happenings in my kitchen.
I'll start out by saying, I LOVE food. All food, every is life. I look forward to every meal, and when that meal is done, I'm already thinking about the next one. If you know me, you are very aware of this. I am a lover especially of comfort foods, you know, the 'bad' ones.  Nachos, mexican, chili dogs, mac & cheese, pasta, garlic bread, hot fudge sundaes.
However, about 2 years ago I was super sick, I was convinced I was basically dying.....turns out I just had food allergies. Severe food allergies. When the doctor told me I was allergic to all Dairy, Eggs and Wheat Gluten I figured my life was over, lol. I know label reading is a ridiculously annoying habit (that I had always sort of associated with skinny, irritating, diet obsessed, food haters), but that's exactly what I was forced into being. A label reader, not a hater, and it's AMAZING where you find gluten. Places you would never expect or really think about. Honey roasted peanuts, boxed rice dishes, gravy mixes, soup bases, red vines!! Not to mention the delicious obvious: all breads, doughnuts, tortillas, pastas, crackers, cakes, pastries....anything with wheat flour in it. Then there's eggs and dairy. Ice cream! My beloved ice cream. I could go on for days about the foods I cried over losing.
Then, I just got pissed off. Why should I become a food hater, when there is nothing better in life then the Perfect Bite?  You know, when you take that first bite of something so incredible, so YUMMY, that you never want it to end. The food moments comparable with your greatest sexual experiences.
That's what I wanted again. So I got in the kitchen and started cooking. Experimenting, failing, replacing ingredients with new ingredients..... and failing.... and crying a little. After I stopped failing quite as badly I really started getting into it and making some amazing dishes. New ideas and twists on recipes I find.
Now, I want to start sharing some of them with anybody out there that cares to read about it. I'll post the normal recipe with allergy replacement notes at the bottom. I do cook most of my meals for a hungry 'normal' boy, so a few recipes of course won't be for us label readers :)

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